To understand life is to perceive pattern

The design/media company known as Trivesica brings together 3 distinct talents in it's founders

All 3 members of Trivesica's team carry media and design degrees. Joining together in 2015 in Asheville, North Carolina, Trivesica carries nearly 50 years of professional experience in a host of varied projects, products and promotions; for a varied and wide range of clients.

Trivesica's Team

Insights into Trivesica

The name TRIVESICA refers to a series of phenomenon in the natural order, in that a "trivesica picis" is the 3 dimensional shape derived from the intersection of 3 spheres. 3 founding members all with their own sphere of talents, insights, experience and vision brought together to bring ideas into being. The secondary and more common thought on the "trivesica" is in relationship to a "keynote" frequency. The same geometric shape can be seen distinctly when 432hz is applied through an oscilloscope. 432hz provides a unique position, as does it's harmonic partners. It provides the natural patterns which exist all around us and without it's foundation, nothing comes into being; but through it everything is possible. To us, the Trivesica Team, it means that we bring ideas into being and there's nothing we can't craft into existence.

Meet Trivesica



Drew DePorter

Art Director

Currently working multiple art projects, a full scope photo spread based calendar, and the artwork for our online clients on a routine basis. Drew brings in the majority of our clients in that music and art are his clients and his scope on the world.

Kemberly McDowell

Production Director

Our product design guru at the moment, is truly the person with the widest range of skills and experience. Including Video Special Effects, Virtual Reality & Set Design, as well as ISO management systems

Matt McDowell

Technical Director

Responsible for a majority of the online development for our customers, Matt's background includes managing / developing & maintaining multiple eCommerce platforms for a few large, multi-million dollar online retailers & distributors.

Trivesica aligns intention with natural design, bringing ideas into being

From that position, everything is a potential awaiting focused vision and organization.

Trivesica has no specific type of client or project. It's just come to pass that we find ourselves being introduced into conversations with great visionaries through which Trivesica continues to gain great relationships. We believed that we could... and so we did. Our team works well managing the details that provide something extra and would relish the chance to have a great talk about your idea and how we start bringing it into being.


The Trivesica Team as individuals have been involved with many different clients, companies, consultants and projects both larger and small scale. We've taken a select look at our cumulative backgrounds & specific Trivesica projects and provided a very small sample below.


  • Bootsy Collins | Anna Gordon Fashions | Rising Appalachia | Floafers | Papadosio | Taj Mahal | The Ohio Players | Moe. | Chris Rock | Consider The Source | Something Big | The Mantras | Life Is Art Studio


  • AFG Distribution | Eli Lilly and Company | Roche Diagnostics | Dow AgroSciences | HH Gregg | Arby's | Kentucky Tourism | Indiana Tourism | Hoosier Lottery | Polaroid | Garnet Hill Fashions | Disabled Sports USA | Steak N Shake | Peyton Manning Children's Hospital | LPI Inc | Australian Gold


  • Asheville Glass Center | Asheville Cake | Bearded Broker | Monarch Red Carpet | Ashé Farmstead | Green River Pickler | Art Nurture | FBG / Andromeda Glass | Asheville Area Arts Council | Asheville Music Hall | New Mountain Theatre & Ampitheatre

    It is the confidence our customers place in our efforts that provides us every opportunity.